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The Complete Funding Guide for Small Businesses in Ontario

This will be the only guide that you will need to understand the small business grants that are available in Ontario if you have been struggling to understand how Ontario business funding works.

We are outlining the major sources of loans, grants, and tax credits that are available to you as an entrepreneur in Ontario.

So, let’s find you some money!

Government Sources of Funding for Businesses in Ontario

It is hard to come by solid numbers, but an in-depth study found that the Government of Canada and the four largest provinces, including Ontario, spend $29 billion in subsidies, including grants, tax credits, investments and more in one year.

The bottom line is, there are a ton of funds available to support businesses from the various levels of government.

To help businesses grow and increase employment the government provides loans, grants, investments, tax credits, and in-kind support to support a wide variety of sectors.

While the government may support a wide range of activities from businesses, the government funding will typically fall into five categories:

  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Capital Investment
  • Research & Development
  • Business & Market Development, including exporting, working capital, etc.

So, let’s jump into the sources of funding from the government.

Sources of Federal Government Funding

Need funding for your small business?

    New Small Business Incentives

    Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada – Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) – Onshore Program

    The ERF features contributions with a flexible five-year payback period that are either repayable or partially repayable, these contributions are for projects that are made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as partially repayable contributions for projects that are designed to eliminate emissions.

    Indigenous Forestry Initiative – Natural Resources Canada

    This program helps by funding to support Indigenous-led economic development in the forestry sector in Canada. The aim of the funding is to increase participation from the Indigenous community in forestry-related opportunities, careers, businesses, and governance.

    Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) – Clean Tech Fund

    Promising cleantech demonstration and development projects that are in the start-up or scale-up phase can receive funding from the SDTC before commercialization. The tech must demonstrate the potential for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, reductions in water and/or water consumption, and soil or air contamination.

    Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) – Seed Fund

    Early-stage entrepreneurs in Canada can receive a one-time grant for their innovative tech projects that have benefits for the environment. The SDTC has partnered with a group of select approved accelerators and other entrepreneurial service organizations across the country in order to identify the entrepreneurs who are on the right path to becoming the next leader in tomorrow’s cleantech.

    College and Community Innovation Program – Engage Grants – NSERC

    The Engage Grants were made to give innovative companies that are operating from a base in Canada access to the expertise, knowledge, and capabilities that are available at colleges in Canada. The intention of the grants is to foster new research partnerships by supporting short-term research and development projects that address a company-specific problem.

    College and Community Innovation Program – Engage Plus Grants – NSERC

    An ongoing or recently completed project that has received an Engage Grant can receive support from the Engage Plus Grant to further their developments or continue the project while seeking support that is more longer-term. 

    College and Community Innovation Program – Entry-Level Innovation Enhancement Grants – NSERC

    This grant is available to colleges that have not already received an Innovation Enhancement Grant, TAC, or Industrial Research Chair for Colleges grant. Colleges that follow this criterion can seek out an Entry-Level grant from Innovation and Enhancement Grants to start their applied research program.

    College and Community Innovation Program – Build and Extend Innovation Enhancement Grants

    Colleges that have been previously awarded an Entry-Level Innovation Enhancement Grant can apply for a Build grant in the same area of applied research. Colleges should have increased their capacity for applied research and developed the necessary strong partnerships with their regional company partners at the end of their Build grant to sustain parts of their applied research activities through other opportunities such as the Extend grants.

    College and Community Innovation Program – Innovation Links Grants – NSERC

    College-university collaborations that are working with the business sector can receive support from this program to realize commercialization successfully. The intention of the grants is to support the participation of colleges and universities in the extension or improvement of existing commercial products or company technology, services, and/or processes.

    Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) – College and Community Innovation Program – College and Community Social Innovation Fund (CCSIF)

    These grants are designed to support focused and well-designed community innovation projects that have been undertaken by college researchers with partners from the private, public, or not-for-profit sectors.

    Farm Credit Canada (FCC) COVID-19 Support Program – Payment Deferrals and Credit Line Program

    FCC has put into place a deferral of interest and principal payments and access to an additional line of credit that is secured by a general security agreement or universal movable hypothec to ensure agribusinesses, producers, and food processors can remain focused on functions that are critical to their businesses rather than worrying about the access to funding to keep their operations running through this challenging time.

    Farm Credit Canada (FCC) COVID-19 Support Program – Term Loans for Viable Customers

    The FCC understands the challenges that are being faced for farming and agricultural businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have expanded their offering to include term loans with no fees. The funds can be used to modify production due to the impacts of the pandemic and for working capital.

    Export Development Canada (EDC) – EDC Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Guarantee

    The BCAP Guarantee supports businesses in Canada, whether they sell domestically or around the world, to improve their cash flow to cover the costs of operating their businesses. The size of the line of credit or loan will be determined by the applicant’s financial institution. The EDC encourages these institutions to increase the access to credit for the applicant by providing them with a guarantee to the institution for the borrowed money.

    EDC-BDC International Purchase Order Financing Partnership

    The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is collaborating with the EDC to support business growth through this program which provides businesses with the capital that is vital to maximize their opportunities in the international markets. The fund is to be used to cover a significant amount of the business’s purchase order.

    The National Research Council of Canada – Challenge Programs

    Private and public sector, academic, and other Canadian and international research organizations have partnered with the National Research Council of Canada to advance high-risk, high-reward, and transformative research that will address the priorities of Canada.

    The National Research Council of Canada – Supercluster Support Programs

    To support the superclusters and foster strong collaboration with innovators in both academia and industry, the National Research Council of Canada has developed programs to accomplish these goals. Grant and contribution funding will be used to support these collaborations with external research organizations, in particular small and medium-sized business and academic researchers.

    The National Research Council of Canada – Ideation Fund

    Forward thinkers working on the leading edge of technology and research can be recruited by the National Research Council of Canada to set the new standard for innovation. This fund enables researchers with the NRC to explore research ideas that are transformative in collaboration with external partners such as small and medium-sized businesses and academic institutions.

    Environment and Climate Change Canada Climate Action Incentive Fund: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Project Stream

    This program provides support for small and medium-sized businesses for retrofit projects in sectors such as Transportation, Building, Waste, Industry, Agriculture, and more. The funding can be used to cover a portion of eligible costs.

    Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP) Program – Ontario Centres of Excellence

    The VIP program was designed to help businesses develop, implement, and commercialize their technical innovations by supporting partnerships between industries in Ontario and publicly-funded post-secondary institutions. The projects are intended to generate economic benefits, including job retention/creation, investment attraction, new revenue generation, value chain development, and cost savings.

    Next Generation Networks (NGN) Demonstration Program – CENGN

    This program has been designed to support small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario to use the CENGN testbed to develop proof-of-concept or demonstrations that can lead to new products, technologies, services, and/or processes. The funds are available for stand-alone businesses or business collaborations with public sector organizations such as healthcare facilities, municipalities, or public utilities and/or industry partners.

    Next Generation Network Program (NGNP) TalentEdge Internships – CENGN

    The NDNP TalentEdge Internships will provide support to current university and college students and recent undergraduate or Master’s graduates, to work on industry-driven R&D projects that are related to NGN technologies at small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario using the platform that is provided by the CENGN.

    Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN) – AV R&D Partnership Fund Stream 1 – Ontario Centres of Excellence

    This program supports projects that are related to the development and demonstration of tech that is in the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle sector in priority areas such as mass light vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, transportation infrastructure, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and transit-supportive systems and vehicles.

    FedNor – Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) – Regional Economy Stream in Northern Ontario

    The RRRF supports eligible non-profit organizations and vulnerable businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19’s economic disruption across the regions of Canada. Eligible applicants can have all eligible bridge support costs covered, up to a 12-month period. The program will provide an unconditionally repayable and conditionally repayable contribution to small and medium-sized businesses that are eligible.

    FedDev Ontario – Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF)

    Organizations and businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19’s economic disruption in nearly every sector in the economy can receive a liquidity lifeline from the RRRF. The goal of the program is to address gaps in or supplement other relief measures that are provided on the federal level, as well as complement programs that are provided by other levels of government.

    FedDev Ontario Regional Innovation Ecosystem

    The goal of this program is to create, grow, and develop inclusive and strong ecosystems across all of the regions that support business innovation and growth, as well as the entrepreneurial environment that is necessary to foster more innovative regional economies and increase small and medium-sized business’s competitiveness.

    Ontario Creates – Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

    This is a refundable tax credit that is available for qualifying corporations for expenditures that are related to the creation of eligible interactive digital media products. The tax credit is available for eligible labour expenditures and eligible marketing and distribution expenses in Ontario that have been incurred by the qualifying business that develop and market their own products.

    Ontario Creates – Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit

    This tax credit from Ontario Creates is a refundable tax credit on qualified expenditures that are incurred during a tax year for any eligible literary work by a book publishing company in Ontario. The credit is based on eligible pre-press, printing, and marketing expenditures in Ontario, as well as expenses that are related to publishing a digital or electronic version of an eligible literary work.

    Ontario Transitional Tax Debits and Credits – Canada Revenue Agency

    Businesses in Ontario may be subject to a transitional tax debit or be eligible to claim an Ontario transitional tax credit because of the harmonization of two acts in the legislature that are governing Ontario and federal income taxes.

    Ontario Tax Exemption for Commercialization – Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

    This program is a refund of the corporate income tax and corporate minimum tax that a business paid during its first 10 years of operation. Start-ups that are commercializing an intellectual property that is being developed at a Canadian college and university are eligible. Businesses will also need to operate in bioeconomy, advanced health, and the production of computer, telecommunications, or digital technologies.

    Ontario Job Creation Investment Incentive – Ontario Ministry of Finance

    This incentive was designed to strengthen the tax competitiveness for business investment in Ontario, this is aimed to encourage businesses to invest in Ontario and create jobs for the people living in the province. The program allows businesses purchasing machinery and equipment for manufacturing and processing and specified equipment for clean energy to write off the entire cost of the investment right away.

    IESO Grid Innovation Fund

    Innovation with the potential to achieve significant savings in electricity bills for Ontario ratepayers can receive support from this fund, either by enabling greater competition in the electricity markets in Ontario or by helping customers to better manage their consumption of energy. The fund invests in projects that are no more than three years in length and will fund a specified portion of project costs depending on the type of project.

    Federal Government Grants

    Businesses in industries that range from space to agriculture, and for purposes ranging from exporting to research and development in Ontario can receive grants from the federal government.

    Here we have a sample of the grants for business in Ontario from the federal level, grouped by industry sector and the purpose of funding:

    Ontario Agricultural Sector Federal Grants

    AgriAssurance Program

    Small and medium-sized businesses can receive funding from this program in order to implement certification projects and programs that will address the requirements of the international market to help Canadian agricultural and agri-food products receive additional opportunities for export.

    AgriScience Program

    Pre-commercial science activities and cutting edge-research can receive funding to help benefit the agri-food and agricultural sector.

    Canadian Dairy Commission

    This program provides funding to dairy farmers to make investments that are designed to improve their competitiveness in the market, such as through access to expertise or through capital investments.

    Ontario Publishers Federal Grants

    Canada Book Fund

    Canadian authors can receive support in the form of funding for internships, professional development, marketing, and technology projects that are related to the promotion and marketing of their books.

    Space Sector Federal Grants

    Canadian Space Agency

    Businesses can receive funding for multiple projects that are aimed to improve space travel missions or tech that is related to space exploration.

    Federal Grants to Support Tech That Will Help Canadians With Disabilities

    Accessible Technology Program

    This program will co-fund projects that are innovative and led by non-profit organizations, the private sector, and research institutes in order to develop new adaptive and assistive digital technologies and devices to make full participation in the digital economy easier for Canadians that are living with disabilities.

    Federal Grans to Help Businesses in Ontario Improve Energy Efficiency

    Natural Resources Canada

    The NRC will provide a matching fund for industrial facilities and businesses that are on a journey to improve the performance of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These programs can be applied to multiple industrial facilities because they are repeatable.

    Sustainable Development Technology Canada

    Businesses that are working on projects that are aimed at providing significant benefits in areas such as clean air, climate change, clean soil, and clean water can receive a grant from this program to support their efforts.

    Federal Grants to Help Ontario Businesses Increase Exporting

    Canadian International Innovation Program

    This program provides support to companies in Canada to participate in research and development projects and foreign partners, the goal is to create a commercial service or product. A portion of the costs to achieve this will be covered by this grant.


    Research and development projects can receive funding, where businesses can collaborate with foreign partners in order to co-develop technologies for commercialization. Another CanExport grant is available for small and medium-sized businesses that are attempting to break into new international markets.

    Creative Export Canada

    Projects that will help the creative industries in Canada can receive funding to find new ways to export their services or products around the world.

    National Trade Corridors Fund

    This program provides funding for infrastructure projects that will begin or increase the flow of trade to foreign markets, including work on ports, airports, transportation facilities, rail yards, and access roads.

    Research and Development Federal Support Grants

    College and Community Innovation Program

    This program has fund matching in order to help businesses to collaborate with a researcher from a university for up to three years on research and development projects within the business. There is also another program that can deliver matching funds for similar types of research projects for up to five years.


    This is a worldwide funding program that supports the research and development of companies in Canada that are looking for access to overseas markets and technology.

    Impact Canada

    Businesses can receive funding from this program to help with the costs of finding innovative solutions to Canadian environmental, economic, or social problems.

    Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security

    The IDEaS program is designed to address the future and current challenges that are being faced by Canada’s Armed Forces. It will provide creative thinkers with the support and structure to encourage new solutions, which will help to solve some of the toughest challenges that are being faced within Canada’s security and defense.

    Innovation Solutions Canada

    Challenges are offered from this program to innovators and small businesses and they are seeking novel solutions. The best ideas can win a grant for proof-of-concept, as well as for developing the winning prototype.


    Small or medium-sized businesses in Canada can receive funding to support their efforts in research and development projects. These businesses can also receive support for their international interests. The program also supports businesses with financial compensation to hire young graduates who might be good members to bring to their teams and spark new ideas or ways of marketing the business.

    Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

    The NSERC provides grants that will help university researchers to collaborate with businesses for research projects that will aim to improve the economy in Canada.

    Scale AI

    This private sector and government program provides funding for projects from small and medium-sized businesses that will accelerate the commercialization and adoption of artificial intelligence for supply chains. The funding covers half of the expenses for approved projects.

    Strategic Innovation Fund

    Business grants can be provided by this program to fund different projects that are aimed at economic growth. Some of these projects are related to business expansion, research and development, and public/private sector collaboration.

    Federal Government Loans

    Ontario small businesses can receive a loan from the Government of Canada for working capital, purchasing equipment, and other assets, funding export expansion, and more.

    Here is a sample of the loans that we have found for Ontario businesses from the federal government.

    Federal Loans for Agricultural Producers in Ontario

    Advance Payment Program

    This is a federal loan guarantee which provides easy access to low-interest cash advances to agricultural producers. When the producer sells the products, the advance will need to be repaid.


    Projects that are aimed to accelerate the commercialization, adoption, and/or demonstration of innovative technologies, products, services, or processes that are increasing agri-sector sustainability and competitiveness can receive repayable contributions from this program.

    FCC Agribusiness

    Agribusinesses that provide input or add value to the agricultural sector, including oil refiners, food processors, feed processors, equipment manufacturers, and agriculture equipment dealers can receive loans from Farm Credit Canada.

    FCC Credit Line

    Flexible lines of credit can be provided to farmers from the FCC for operating expenses, working capital, and the purchase of equipment and land. This is a revolving, pre-approved loan that has interest-only payment options for applicants.

    FCC Input Financing

    Through this program, Farm Credit Canada supports farmers to get their needed inputs and extended payment date. The loan can be used to purchase fuel, crop protection, and fertilizer before harvest, and the farmer can pay the loan back afterward when the crops are sold.

    FCC Livestock

    Participating livestock suppliers across Canada can receive convenient and flexible financing that is customized to the needs of breeding livestock and feeder cattle producers.

    Canadian Agricultural Loans Act

    This program is a loan guarantee that is designed to increase the availability of loans to agricultural co-operatives and farmers. Co-operatives may access the loans to process, distribute, or market the products of farming while farmers can use the funds to improve, establish, and develop farms.

    Export and International Business Activities Federal Loans

    Direct Lending

    Export Development Canada provides secured loans for small and large businesses with plans for international expansion. This loan can help to support these plans, including financing facilities, equipment, or the expansion or establishment of a foreign affiliate. Another program from the EDC focuses on providing financing for investment projects that will be performed overseas.

    Export Guarantee Program

    Export Development Canada has another program that will share the risk with the applicant’s bank by providing a guarantee on the money that is borrowed, this will increase the access to working capital to grow in international markets.

    Buyer Financing

    This program helps businesses to gain an edge on the competition by providing buyer financing for their international customers and taking on the risk of non-payment. The goal of this program is for these businesses in Canada to increase their sales.

    FinDev Canada

    Canadian businesses that are also operating in developing countries that can demonstrate sustainable economic and social benefits for the local communities can receive equity investments and financing, these businesses must also have a focus on women’s economic empowerment, job creation, and climate change mitigation.

    Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee

    This program can help protect the profits from businesses against exchange rate fluctuations. By locking in a rate in advance, business owners can be confident in pricing their products or services and increase the accuracy of their cash flow forecasts.

    Ontario Young Entrepreneur Federal Loans

    Futurpreneur Canada

    This program helps aspiring young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 to 39 to successfully launch their businesses across Canada. If more funding is needed, these businesses can receive help to get a loan through the Business Development Bank of Canada.

    Federal Loans for Film Producers

    Telefilm Canada

    Loans are available to help with any aspect of creating, producing, and marketing a feature film within Canada.

    Federal Loans for the Purchase of Equipment and Other Assets

    Business Development Bank of Canada

    The BDC can help businesses with a loan to help finance the cost of used or new equipment. The BDC also has another program that can help small businesses to get a loan for the purchase of new software, new equipment, or attending tradeshows. There are also specific business loans that can help businesses purchase technology, buy real estate, purchase a business, start a business, and transition a business.

    Canada Small Business Financing Program

    The cost of improving buildings or land and purchasing used and new equipment can be financed through this program. The loans are made available to small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups with a reduced rate of interest.

    Working/Operation Capital Federal Loan


    Social enterprises as well as existing or new businesses can find loans for expansion, start-up, and stabilization. The local offices will play a role in the decision-making for the award of the loans.

    Federal Government Tax Credits

    The federal government has provided many tax credits that will benefit a business in Ontario to contribute to the cost of research and development and hiring new employees.

    Here are some federal tax credits for businesses in Ontario to take advantage of.

    Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit

    This is a non-refundable investment tax credit and is equal to 10% of eligible wages and salaries payable to eligible apprentices in respect of employment.

    Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

    This has been made to encourage the creation of film and television programming in Canada and the development of an active domestic independent production sector.

    Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit

    This is similar to the tax credit that we just discussed above and provides eligible production companies with a tax credit of 16% of the qualified labour expenditures incurred in the respect of an accredited production.

    Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program

    This program uses tax incentives as a method to encourage businesses in Canada of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development activities in Canada. The eligible expenditures that have been incurred for the qualified work that was performed during the year may also include expenses for materials, wages, salaries, program contracts, third-party payment, and overhead.

    Small Business Deduction

    Canadian-controlled private corporations may be able to claim the small business deduction throughout the tax year. This deduction means that the business will have to pay a reduced amount of Part 1 tax.

    In-Kind Support from the Federal Government

    The federal government can also provide many types of in-kind support for Ontario businesses as well as their loan, grants, and tax credit programs.

    The Community Futures Program is one example of in-kind support. This program of the regional development agencies FedDevOntario and FedNor will assist communities in rural areas to improve their economies and help small businesses.

    Individuals that are living in rural areas can receive assistance to buy, start, or expand a business through loans and business support and planning services.

    Provincial Government Funding

    Ontario Government Grants

    The Ontario government, like the federal government, also has help to give businesses an extra hand.

    The Government of Ontario provides grants for hiring, training, starting a business, capital investment, and more. There are also programs from the government for specific regions of the province, such as the Eastern Ontario Development Fund, Northern Ontario Heritage Funds, and others.

    Here we have put together a few grants for businesses in Ontario from the provincial government.

    Ontario Grants for Starting a Business

    Starter Company Plus

    This program helps Ontario entrepreneurs to expand an existing business, start a new business, or purchase a business. Applicants will have to come up with matching funds.

    Summer Company

    Students in Ontario who are looking to start a business over the summer can receive start-up funds if they are between the ages of 15 to 29. Funds are available for applicants who are able to commit to a certain number of working hours.

    Ontario Grants for Hiring

    Canada-Ontario Job Grant Program

    This program provides employers, either individually or in groups, with opportunities to invest in their workforce with help from the Ontario government. The program provides direct financial support to employers who are looking to purchase training for their employees.

    Youth Internship

    Under either the Economic development Initiative or the Northern Ontario Development Plan, FedNor can help businesses with funding to hire young interns. The program provides part of the costs for employee benefit expenses and salary for the intern in a full-time position.

    Southern Ontario Business Grants

    Business Scale-Up and Productivity Program

    This program stream helps businesses to accelerate their growth and assist with the adoption of innovative, new technologies that can support productivity, scale-up, and the development of and entry into new markets to help businesses become competitive around the world.

    Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

    Businesses in this area can find funding for their business’s projects that will help with investment from the private sector, job creation, and growth in Ontario’s Southwestern area.

    Eastern Ontario Business Grants

    Eastern Ontario Development Fund

    Businesses and non-profit organizations in Eastern Ontario can receive funding support and complimentary services for projects that create jobs and builds talent, attracts and encourages investment from the private sector, lead to business growth, and encourage collaboration, innovation, and cluster development.

    Early-Stage Technology Support Grants in Ontario


    Small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario can receive funding to demonstrate, develop, or advance new products, technologies, services, and processes that are related to the 5G technology industry.

    OCE Market Readiness Fund

    This fund supports early-stage businesses in the robotics, information and technology, health, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing sectors that are in the commercialization stage.

    AV R&D Partnership Fund

    Projects that are related to the development and demonstration of technologies in the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle sector can receive funds to support their related projects.

    Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports

    ODSP provides many different kinds of support for people with disabilities to start a new business, support includes financial help towards the costs of equipment, business tools, and licenses, supplies, and certification. 

    Ontario Government Loans

    These loans from the provincial government of Ontario can support a wide range of activities, including green/cleantech, capital investment, and more.

    Here is a list of business loans being offered by the Ontario government.

    Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario

    This program, provided by FedNor, provides repayable assistance to existing manufacturers in Northern Ontario to upgrade and improve any capital equipment that is used in the manufacturing process, including communications and information technology, to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

    Business Scale-Up and Productivity Stream

    This is also provided by FedNor to accelerate the growth of businesses and help with the adaptation and adoption of innovative, new technologies that help with the productivity, scale-up, and development of and entry into new markets to help businesses become more competitive in global and domestic markets.

    Community Economic Development and Diversification

    The aim of this program from FedDev is to diversify, develop, and transform rural economies in Southern Ontario by promoting community innovation, small business development, and strategic collaborations.

    Eastern Ontario Investing in Regional Diversification Pool

    Small and medium-sized businesses in Eastern Ontario can receive loans for a wide variety of business initiatives, including innovation, Greentech and/or cleantech, business succession planning, women entrepreneurs, and ownership transition.

    Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation

    High-growth, innovative small and medium-sized businesses in Southern Ontario’s urban and rural communities by offering interest-bearing loans to support all aspects of growth challenges that are facing them.

    Government of Ontario Tax Credits

    Ontario provincial tax credits, like the tax credits that are available from the federal government, target research and development, hiring, and other business purposes.

    Here is a list of tax credits from the Ontario provincial government.

    Province of Ontario Tax Credits for Hiring and Labour Costs

    Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit

    This is a refundable tax credit that has been made available to employers who hire students that are enrolled in a co-operative education program in a college or university in Ontario.

    Ontario Gasoline Tax Credit

    Business owners and farmers in Ontario can receive a refund on paid gasoline tax when the gasoline has been used in equipment that is not required to be licensed under the Highway Traffic Act.

    Power Take Off Tax Credit

    Similar to the Ontario Gasoline Tax Credit, the Ontario government provides a refund to businesses who have paid tax on fuel used in the province to operate auxiliary power take off equipment. This refers to auxiliary equipment that has been added to a licensed motor vehicle that uses gasoline, clear diesel fuel, or propane from the vehicle’s fuel tank to operate power take off equipment.

    Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit

    This tax credit is based upon eligible labour expenditures in Ontario that have been incurred by a qualified production company with respect to an eligible production in Ontario.

    Ontario Production Services Tax Credit

    This is a refundable tax credit that is based on qualifying production expenditures in Ontario, including services contracts, labour, and tangible property expenditures, that are incurred by a qualified business with respect to an eligible television or film production.

    Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit

    Qualifying Ontario corporations can receive a refundable tax credit based on eligible labour expenditures incurred during a taxation year with respect to eligible computer animation and special effects activities.

    Tax Credits for Research & Development in Ontario

    Ontario Innovation Tax Credit

    This tax credit gives businesses with qualified expenditures that are related to scientific R&D that is performed in Ontario a refundable tax credit.

    Ontario Research and Development Tax Credit

    This is a tax credit that is similar to the tax credit above, qualifying businesses can claim a non-refundable tax credit on their eligible scientific research and experimental development expenditures that have been performed in Ontario to reduce their payable corporate income tax.

    Ontario Business Research Institute Tax Credit

    This is a refundable tax credit that is based on the qualified expenditures for the tax year that has been incurred in Ontario under an eligible contract with an eligible research institute.

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